The Day Brightener

Because everyone has the right to be truly free and happy

Adventures of The Day Brightener

Welcome to the Adventures of He-He The Day Brightener.  I hope you enjoy reading about the precious furry yellow fellow.  He exists to bring light, hope and peace to those he meets.  I hope these stories bring some brightness to your day as well.

Monday Morning Yellows

In this story, He-He meets a working mother who is grieving for lost time with her little girls.

A Flood of Emotion

This story is my tribute to the courage of those affected by the Queensland floods, and the angels that are helping them recover.

Flower Child

He-He reflects on how he became The Day Brightener and meets a very special girl called Claudia.

The IT Guy

In this story He-He meets a man who is losing himself in a negative work environment.

Once upon a time

Here you will find The Day Brightener in a new context – a fairy tale.  Well, a fairy tale of sorts.  There is no nasty witch or wolf to conquer, just a King who has lost his way.

Chasing Butterflies

In the next adventure, He-He The Day Brightener meets a lady weary, and worried about the future.  He engages the help of his beautiful butterfly friends to bring a little brightness to her day.


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