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Redemption…available every day

Redemption…available every day

If there is every any talk I could provide that might stir the chance for us to start anew every day….it would be this one.

As Jack reminds us, every day, every breakfast is a new chance at redemption.  And how we should never give up on ourselves to make it happen.

Who we truly are is well beyond this suffering.  Well above our cravings.  Deeply submerged within us.  If we could only be brave enough to let it shine…

What we are experiencing is an effect.  An outcome of our soul, our spirit not being in balance….

” It is the always soul that dies first.  Even if its departure goes unnoticed.  And it always carries the body along with it.  Humans are nourished by the invisible.  We are nourished by that which is beyond the personal.  We die by preferring its opposite.”

Jacque Lucien

And so our mission is to get back to our true soul.  To get back our true spirit.  And then slowly, naturally, the body will follow.

We must remember not to lose our soul and our purpose and to keep touch with the things that really matter.





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