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My Everlasting Resolution

“Let each year find you a better man” Benjamin Franklin

Tonight, as I prepare for another new year ahead, I would like to share with you my everlasting new years resolution.

I have given up long ago making a new wish for each year, for I have realised that the path to true happiness is not an annual event. It is a pursuit that may take a lifetime (or many lifetimes) of little steps.

For this reason, this year, like every year yet to come I shall make the same resolution.  It comes from my thoughts about what I would like people to be saying about me at my funeral.  I know, a bit of a sombre thought, but really, I would love to know that every year they saw me grow into a better person.

And therefore, my everlasting new years resolution is this:

I am determined this year to do all I can to make my:

Love a little wider

Kindness a little  deeper

Thoughts a little less selfish

Mind a little more peaceful

Time spent a little more mindful

Energy a little brighter

Smiles a little more honest

Hugs a little warmer

Heart a little more joyful

Life, a little more authentic.

I also wish all of this for you, not only for this new year coming but for every single one after!!!




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