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All You Need

Three of my recent posts – Start With HopeGrandma Moses  and Hope Floats – have really reinforced for me that we have everything we need, right here, right now to follow our dreams.  He-He The Day Brightener sums up my theory beautifully in the following message:

I know I am very good at justifying any belief I have, but if you just look at these two examples the truth of it becomes evident.

Case 1 – Grandma Moses.  She began painting with the hope that it may be a good replacement for embroidery, and so she could continue to experience the joy of colour and creation.  She used her head to think of how she could use what she already had to start then and there. She looked around and found some old masonite boards and house paint and got started.  And she used her heart to guide the work.  She painted scenes of times when she was living a simple, happy life – scenes that made her heart sing.  With her hope, head and heart she became one of America’s much adored artists, and more than this brought colour and joy to the lives of many.

Case 2 – The Panyee Football Club.  These boys started their journey with not only the dream of starting a football club, but the hope to one day be world champions.  They put their heads together and figured out a way to get started.  Being surrounded by water did not stop them.  Spurred by their hopes they got creative, and designed and built a floating pitch with whatever materials they found lying around. Their strong hearts kept the naysayers at bay and their courage led them to their first competition.  Since then the Panyee Football Club has won the Youth Champion of Southern Thailand award every year since 2004.  More than this, their story has been a great inspiration to others.

Both of these examples show that you don’t need to wait until you can afford fancy equipment or a training course.  You don’t have to wait for the right season or tutor.  You don’t have to doubt your ability to do what you love.  You have all the tools you need to make it happen – your hopes, your head and your heart.   And so this is your gentle encouragement to put them into action, for your happiness and to brighten the lives of others.  You will never know what could happen until you try.

May light, hope and peace be yours today!

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