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I Just Want To Be Me

“Wherever I go, whatever I do, I just want to be me!”

I was watching television with my little girls the other day when this absolutely wonderful episode of Small Potatoes came on.  I just have to share it with you, because it speaks so beautifully to each one of us, child or adult.

In this episode the small potatoes do a punk rock version of the song “I just want to be me”.  I know, sounds a bit odd – small cartoon potatoes singing punk rock, but it is really sweet.  It is three minutes well spent – to remind us every day to just be ourselves.  For when our lives reflect the genuine us we can feel free.  When we are living by our true nature and using and growing our gifts we can be happy.

I hope you enjoy the clip and that it brings a little brightness to your day.  I am sure in no time you will be singing it to yourself throughout the day.  It is certainly stuck in my head, especially the bit that goes:

“I don’t want to be a martian, don’t want to be an elf.  I just want to be myself!


2 comments on “I Just Want To Be Me

  1. Judith Winn
    September 13, 2011

    Loved the little spuds. Decided I need grandchildren quickly to be able to enjoy this show with them. I just can’t stop laughing. Thanks Belinda

    • thedaybrightener
      September 13, 2011

      Thanks Judith, and I hope all is going well for you. Yes, aren’t they gorgeous. Quite weird though – singing and dancing potatoes, but well, I guess if Mr Potato Head can do it, why can’t they! You know you don’t really need grandchildren for an excuse to watch kids t.v – just consider yourself a grandma in training and enjoy every minute! Thinking of you…xo

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