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Start With Hope

The day the Lord created hope was the same day he created spring.  Bern Williams

 As I was walking home yesterday, I happened to glance up, and was absolutely delighted to see the first little leaves on a frangipani tree.  What a wonderful way to signal the first day of spring!  The warmth of the day was already bringing a sense of expectation and lightness, but the sight of those little green leaves created something more magical, a sense of hope.

For as soon as I saw the leaves I began picturing kiddies running under sprinklers, leaping and laughing.  I saw paths covered in bright white fallen frangis, and long lovely dinners out in the fresh cool air.  I saw days with doors and windows wide open, and nights drifting off to the sounds of crickets.

So spring for me began with a sense of optimism and anticipation.  It started with hope.

What a perfect way to start every day, every challenge, every encounter.

So here is a little message from He-He The Day Brightener to remind you that no matter what you are going through at the moment, you have the ability to start it with the most faithful, powerful and magical of friends – Hope.  It is faithful because it is always there when you need it.  It is powerful, for with hope you can achieve anything.  And it is magical, for it brings with it a new and beautiful energy.  May light, hope and peace be yours today.

Hope is a renewable option: If you run out of it at the end of the day, you get to start over in the morning.  Barbara Kingsolver

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