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Feeling Groovy

I am really pleased to present the next addition to The Day Brightener Soundtrack.  It is the 59th Street Bridge Song, also known as Feelin’ Groovy, by Simon & Garfunkel.  It is the most perfect light and happy song for a beautiful spring day.

And just in case the song is not enough to do the trick, then the video will surely bring a smile to your dial!  Just look at those costumes!  So much for the fashion rule that “blue and green should never be seen.”  If nothing else, it is a fitting tribute to the beautiful blue sky and green grass of spring.

I hope you enjoy this song as much as I do.  It is certainly stuck in my head now, which is not a bad thing, that is unless I start talking to lamp posts!!!

Life I love you, all is groovy!

The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy)

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