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Bridge Over Troubled Water

I had such a great time doing my previous post Feeling Groovy because I got to spend lots of time listening to Simon & Garfunkel songs.  It made me realise what amazing songwriters they are.  To indulge even further, I wanted to share one more of their songs with you.  It is one that provides a sense of peace and security for me.  It is Bridge Over Troubled Water.  While Feeling Groovy is a great song to celebrate the sunny days, this song is just perfect to help build your spirits on the days when you feel low and alone.

While I love the Simon & Garfunkel rendition, I have chosen to include the version performed by Elvis Presley.  His strong and resounding voice just makes it even more reassuring.  It truly gives me the tingles.  I hope that this song brings a little bit of light, hope and peace to you today.

“Your time has come to shine, all your dreams are on their way”

Bridge Over Troubled Water – Elvis Presley

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