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Grumpy Mummy

While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about. ~Angela Schwindt

This post comes to share with you what I think is the most amazing and insightful drawing, done by my 3 year old daughter.  Let me set the context.  It was the evening of day five of our week long holiday, and we were getting the kids ready for bed after a big day out.  We were all tired and a bit stir crazy after being together so long without a break.  My daughter was constantly whinging and whining and resisting every step of the bedtime routine.  And so I got cranky.  I raised my voice and threatened straight to bed with no books.

My poor little daughter is a sensitive soul and shudders at any loud noise.  Of course she did not react well to this outburst.  But we all recovered, and just before bed she drew this picture which she titled ‘Grumpy Mummy’.

What amazed me the most was how quickly she did this drawing.  She did not stop to think about it at all or fuss over detail – it just came straight out onto the page in an instant.  The other thing that took me back was just how perfectly she had captured the essence of my mood.  Yep, this is pretty much me as a grumpy mummy.

Initially when I saw the drawing I felt really bad, but then we all ended up having a great chuckle over my curly hair and googley eyes.

And so I share this picture with you, firstly because I just love it, but also to remind us to not take ourselves too seriously.  Being grumpy every now and again is human.  While as a parent you may have every intention to be calm and cool, it does not take long with a whingey narky child to bring on a torrent of emotion.  For more on this see The Last Straw.  What is important though when it happens is that you Be Kind to Yourself, talk about your feelings with your child, and then try and laugh about it later.

May light, hope and peace be yours today!

For some cartoons on the lighter side of parenthood go to: For Days Like These


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