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Be Kind To Yourself

A warm welcome to this post, along with a long lost hello!  I have just returned from a lovely holiday with my family.  I have lots of things to share from it, but I wanted to start with this little message from He-He The Day Brightener.

This message was prompted by a wonderful time I had playing with my children on the beach.  Being away from the daily grind created some space and time to really stop and hear what was going on in my head.  As I sat on the beach in the fabulous fresh air my thoughts became so obvious, because they were in such contrast to the beautiful environment.  In this space I could hear how much they were filled with self criticism – about things I could have and should have done that morning, yesterday, last week and last year.

I could not help but find it all a bit amusing.   In that criticism from others does not seem to be enough – instead I had become very adept at criticising myself as well!  We are funny things us human beings!

It was then I decided that while my body took a holiday, I was going to let my mind take one as well.  And as I released the expectations and negative self-talk this little message from He-He popped into my mind – Be Kind to Yourself.  But not only kindness in our thoughts is important.  Care for our bodies is as well.  What we eat, drink, and do with our bodies all reflects the respect we have for it.

Just as we would expect to treat others with respect, care, compassion and kindness, we also need to do this for ourselves.  So, just for today, make a commitment to be kind to yourself.  Be gentle in your thoughts and expectations, eat well, drink water, get some exercise, make time for your hobby, leave work early, go to bed early – whatever works for you.    While you may not be able to take a holiday, just for today, give yourself a break!!!

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