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Just Be

If your weekends are anything like mine, they are so busy, full of cleaning up from the week that was, and preparing for the week to come.  And so by the time Monday comes again, I find myself lamenting for a lost weekend.

However lately, I have begun a practice of meditation.  At least once a day I spend time just being quiet, being aware of the now, and touching base with my spirit.  This habit has quickly become an essential part of my day, and I even find myself making time to do it – getting up earlier so I don’t miss the chance. Just taking these few minutes each day brings sanity to my mind, peace to my heart, and a greater appreciation of just how meaningful each moment is.

But what is even more beautiful is when this sense of presence comes amidst everyday activities. A very special thing happens when you stop thinking and just open your eyes and heart to the wonderful world around you. You begin to feel a very special part of it, and a deep appreciation for the opportunity of being here, right now.

And this special feeling can be found anywhere.  It could be playing with your children and really noticing their joy, it could be hanging up the washing and revelling in the colour of the clothes, it could be walking to the bus and seeing friends smiling, or sitting in a park and soaking up the sunlight.  All it takes is releasing your expectations, opening your eyes and heart, and enjoying the moment.

I know how hard it is to let go sometimes, thinking that we need to be busy and get things done.  So here is He-He to give you permission!  I hope you will find some time this weekend to breathe and just be. To reconnect with your true self, to restore some
peace to your mind, and to renew your spirit.

Have a great weekend!


3 comments on “Just Be

  1. Noel
    July 22, 2011

    Thank you. I find peace by painting, playing with my children, and reading. Just being is a great way of existing.

    • thedaybrightener
      July 22, 2011

      Thanks for your message Noel. I am really glad you liked the post. I look forward to following your blog too as I am sure we will find alot of ground in common. Stay tuned!

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