The Day Brightener

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Pink Lines

“It sings with colour and energy.” Julie Ewington (QAG)

I am pleased to present the latest entry in The Day Brightener Gallery – Pink Lines (Vertical) on Red and Purple by Tony Tuckson.

I stumbled across this painting as I was wandering through the Queensland Art Gallery.  The first thing that popped into my head was the cynical observation “ it is just some lines on a page.”  But it kept calling me to look, so I took a step back, sat down and really looked.  That is when I felt the energy radiating from it, and I realised what a very special painting it is.

The colour is truly exuberant and full of heart.  Interestingly, Tuckson deliberated over the use of pink for this painting, because it was so different for him, traditionally using black, white and acid yellows.  But according to Julie Ewington (QAG) when he made the decision to go pink “Tuckson let it rip.” It is as if the break from his own traditions created a sense of liberation.

The lines themselves also speak of freedom, being big, brave and confident. You can almost picture Tuckson standing at the canvas making the long bold strokes.  They also have the amazing ability to draw you in and at the same time radiate outward from the painting, creating a feeling of life and rhythm.

What I also love about this painting is that it is not tied up in the concerns of technical precision.   The impact comes from simple bold strokes infused with colour, energy and emotion.  I think there is a message in this for me.  I do not need to be paralysed by the need for things (or me) to be “perfect”.  Simply taking action creates a beautiful energy all in itself.

This painting reminds and inspires me to be bold and brave.  I hope it brings a little brightness and encouragement to your day too.

p.s. for all those people that look at this painting and say “I could do that” – sorry, you didn’t.  But nothing is stopping you from having some fun trying.  Grab some colours and go for it!!!


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