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Thank You Dolly

In conversation with a wonderful lady at work, I was lucky enough to find out the music that brings brightness to her day, and it is the music of Dolly Parton!  I could not recall much about Dolly (apart from some cheeky pre-teen jokes about her assets), so I have had a great adventure the past few days trawling through the treasure that is her musical legacy.  And yes, I can truly say Dolly touches my heart as well.  Her optimism and gorgeous smile really brighten the day.  So this latest entry to the Day Brightener Soundtrack is in honour of Jo – thanks for sharing your music with us.

In my research I was excited to find out Dolly has a new CD released only yesterday in the USA called Better Day, and on it is a perfect day brightener song called Shine Like The Sun. Dolly sings about chasing rainbows and swinging on sunbeams – How beautiful!  So here is the song for you to enjoy. As soon as it is available in Australia I will add it to the soundtrack page.

And for all of us that can remember back to the early 80’s here is the song 9 to 5.  It sure takes me back, but it still also has a wonderful ability to lift my spirits.  What is nice about this video version is seeing Dolly perform live, and seeing lots of other people having fun with the song too.  I hope it brings a little brightness to your day !  Enjoy!


One comment on “Thank You Dolly

  1. Antonio
    July 1, 2011

    both song and assets are very energizing, including her smile!!!!

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