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Amazing Grace

I once was lost, but now am found.  Was blind, but now, I see.

As I sit beside my little girl and watch her go to sleep, the lullaby Amazing Grace plays in the background.  I listen to it almost every night, and every time I hear it, it really tugs at my heart, and makes me feel so grateful for all that I have.  For this reason it is my next addition to The Day Brightener Soundtrack.

As I sit in the dark with my little girl, I also can’t help thinking about grace as the wonderful and divine power that helps me every day.  When I was younger I would have called it God, and used words like infinite love to describe the gift of grace.  Then in my university years grace became known as the “earthly mother”, the “energy” or “universe”.  Now, I tend to align with the buddhist philosophy of grace being  the ‘isness’ of life, the sacredness and connectedness of everything.

I find it funny though, that while I pride myself on the power I have over my own life, I still truly believe that there is some divine power out there helping me along.  I don’t know whether it is a “god”, whether it is my loved ones in heaven looking out for me, or whether it is really my own manifestation.  Regardless, there is an amazing love present in my life which is helping me to become a better person and realise a larger vision for my life.

We all go through times in our lives that we feel lost, and we can’t see past our own pain and confusion.  During these times we all need a saving grace, to help us find ourselves again, and to see the signs and messages that are leading us home.  I hope that listening to this song help you connect with the grace in your life.

I hope you like the video performance of Amazing Grace by John Farnham and Venetta Fields below.  I get shivers every time I watch it!  Sorry though, no bagpipes in this one.  I have also included the lullaby version I listen to as I watch my daughter sleep.  I hope you enjoy this too!

Amazing Grace – the lullaby from Dream a Little


One comment on “Amazing Grace

  1. Judith Winn
    July 1, 2011

    I have always loved this hymn and even more so, when I watched the movie Amazing Grace, which is around the story on how and why this hymn was written. It was written by and ex ship captain in the slave trade who converted to the ministry when he realised the error of his ways and wrote this hymn which was sung by William Wilberforce in English parliament when after many years of having his bill of slave trade abolishment rejected it was finally passed. I thoroughly recommend obtaining the DVD called Amazing Grace. It is very powerful.

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