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There Is Always Abba

One of the things I love about doing this blog  is roaming back into my past to find songs that had a great influence on me.  I am so pleased to include an Abba song on the Day Brightener Soundtrack for this reason.  Well before even I can remember, Abba has been brightening my day.  I have a photo of me as a toddler talking into our old red phone, and my parents have told me that I said I was talking to Abba.  Supposedly, I was dancing along to Abba on the radio when my sister decided to play a trick, picking up the phone and telling me that Abba were calling me.  I rushed to the phone to say hello and have a nice chat.

The song I have chosen to add to the soundtrack is Chiquitita.  I had it in my Day Brightener playlist for ages, but had forgotten all about it, until yesterday it came randomly up on shuffle.  I couldn’t believe I hadn’t posted it yet!  But then, there is a time and place for everything, and tonight this song is dedicated to all of my friends who are going through a rough time.  This is my reminder to you  that I love you dearly.

Watching the following video I began to understand why as a child I was fascinated (if not obsessed) with Abba.  First and foremost, their music is just so superb, both in message and style.  But most interestingly, when I see the cheeky little smiles from Benny and Bjorn it warms my heart.  They  are truly enjoying themselves.  And if all else fails, just look at the costumes, they are certainly good for a giggle.  Just between you and me, I am also a fan of the blue eyeshadow!

And so, when all else fails in the world there are two things you can be certain of.  1- the sun is still in the sky and shining above you.  And 2- there is always Abba!

And just in case you need more, here is Dancing Queen as well.  Enjoy, and please have a boogie along with the girls as you are watching it!

Let me hear you sing once more like you did before
Sing a new song, chiquitita


2 comments on “There Is Always Abba

  1. Helen Shorrocks
    June 6, 2011

    Damn girl – I am about to take my first helicopter trip. Bought some white cargo pants so I can be ‘Anna’ on The Arrival soundtrack!

  2. Helen Shorrocks
    June 7, 2011

    I bought some white cargo pants for my helicopter trip in the Torres Strait – told Jennifer I would be just like Anna from Abba on the Arrival record cover – just missing the white knee length boots – got any hiding at the back of the wardrobe you can lend me?


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