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365 Grateful

“It allows me to press pause each day and savour those beautiful moments that would otherwise pass me by.”

Today I would like to share with the you a beautiful story, of a remarkable woman, and the power of gratitude. 

Hailey Bartholomew was feeling really down, for no particular reason.  She just felt out of shorts with life.  She knew she had it good, but she was just not enjoying life like she thought she should.  And so she sought advice from a Nun, who told her the secret to happiness.  Here is what Hailey says about her journey to gratitude:


When Hailey began posting her daily gratitude photos on Flickr the idea spread like wildfire. From there a group was formed and others began their own version of this project. Now she is in the process of creating a documentary showing the inspirational stories of those whose lives have been transformed by taking the time to be thankful.

“I have had so many emails and chats with people who also find the practice of celebrating the now, the good, the special moments so, so enriching. I am now very excited to begin the big journey of filming (with my amazing pocket rocket of a mother!!) and sharing the stories of some of these incredible people while discovering more about the power of gratitude.”

Hailey and her story are an inspiration for us all to be concious of our blessings and take some time each day to be thankful for them.  It can truly bring brightness to your heart and to the lives of all around you.

For all of the photos Hailey took during the original 365 Grateful project, go to:

Here are some other unique and creative ways to document all we are grateful for, and to share the experience with our family: 10+projects+ebook+FINAL[1]

For more information on the 365 Grateful Project, and to sign up to the newsletter go to:

Here are some of the original pictures Hailey took for her original 365 Grateful project.


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