The Day Brightener

Because everyone has the right to be truly free and happy


“All the colours of the world are in me”

While I was writing the IT Guy ( link the-it-guy) I began lamenting about how our world and workplaces had become devoid of colour.  Then I happened across the song Colors (by Kira Willey) while doing a kids yoga class.  My daughter really loved it, and I put it on my ipod to add a little brightness to my day too.

One day, I was listening to it while I was travelling to work on the bus, and I decided to play a little game – let’s see if I can find the colours as they are mentioned in the song.  Initially I was sceptical, but sure enough, as she sang green we travelled past a big beautiful gum tree, looking up I found a grey plastic roof, as she said red I noticed a lady sitting next to me with a red shirt on, and then right outside was a big beautiful blue sky.

I have played this game several times now in lots of different places, and have not missed a colour yet!  The most remarkable was when I was standing on an intersection.  Purple came up as the next colour and I thought to myself that you never see purple cars so this might be the first colour I miss.  But you wouldn’t believe it, just then through the lights came a bright purple ute with the music blaring.  Coincidence? Synchronicity?  Regardless, playing the colour game continually gives me confidence in a world of bright beautiful colour.  It has also helped me realise that it was not that the world was devoid of colour, it’s just that I wasn’t looking for it!

I hope you might have some time to download the song play the colour game too.  I hope it might bring a bright rainbow to those days that just feel black and grey!

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Colors – Kira Willey

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