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Shadows Into Light

For many months the following quote had been stuck in my mind:

 “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.”  Plato: 428-348BC

 And then, last week, I began to have a real sense of just how important this statement is.  My epiphany began when I took a walk down the street with a colleague I had not seen for many years.  We began the normal status updates on work and family.  I found out he has one little girl, but his response when I told him I had two took me aback.  He said he would have had two but their second baby died after birth from a brain haemorrhage.  I could not stop thinking about the sadness and heartache this family would be living with.

 A few days later I bumped into another workmate, and found out he had just returned to work after a year of cancer treatment.  He had lost his wife only a few years before to cancer as well.

 And then, during a coffee catch up with another colleague I heard about how horribly he was being treated at work, at the same time he was gravely worried about his father who was in poor health.

 Hearing all of these stories made me reflect on how much physical and emotional pain is being borne out there, but more importantly how each of these people are working through it with such courage and grace.

 It was about this time that I stumbled across the following painting “Crossing – shadows into light” by John Rigby (1978).  It reminded me so much of my walk down the street, but also begs me to remember that each person we pass carries their own shadows. The least we can do is be kind, to help, even in a little way, turn their shadows into light.  For this reason, I am adding this painting into The Day Brightener Gallery. 

Crossing – Shadows into Light, John Rigby (1978)


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