The Day Brightener

Because everyone has the right to be truly free and happy

Dr. Shine

“I want to find that spark in a person.” Dr. Shine

Reading the book Shine by Dr. Edward Hallowell, I became really excited, because there, in the first chapter was an example of a real life “Day Brightener”.  He is known as Dr. Shine and he is the shoe-shine guy at Logan Airport in America.    He is truly amazing, just read what he told Dr. Hallowell as he sat there shining his shoes.

“I get up every morning, and I look forward to helping people get into the right frame of mind so they can shine, no matter where they go or what they do.  When I do that, I’m happy.

I love what I do.  For me, it’s all about the shine I put on the person.   You see, I reach out. Too many people don’t reach out any more. They hold back. They’re too worried ‘bout something bad might happen, or they’re in too much of a hurry. Don’t worry about putting out the fire before you strike the match. I always strike the match. I want to find that spark in a person, you get what I mean?

Every time you’re with a person, you’ve got a big chance.  I say, don’t miss it.  Don’t worry about putting out the fire before you strike the match.  I always strike the match.  I want to find that spark in a person. But I gotta be quick, cause I only get as long as a shoe-shine. My goal is to change lives one shoe-shine at a time.

Everyone’s got that spark in them somewhere; I know that for a fact. But sometimes they don’t know it… or they forgot it. Too many folks spend their lives keepin’ it hid up inside of them, like they savin’ it up for some day that’s never gonna come.

So I just keep fishin’. Keep reachin’ out. The minute they get to what’s real, that’s when I yank! Like I just hooked a fish! Now I got ‘em. And I reel ‘em in. I tell ‘em they just gotta be real, let that spark light ‘em up, that if they do that, they gonna light up their whole world. That’s what I tell them, and it’s the truth. They just gotta stop hiding and catch on fire. Then they gotta reach out and get others goin’ too. It’s all about reachin’ out, ya know?

When someone is sitting up in that chair, all I think about is what he needs and that gives me energy.  If I can’t forget about me and think about you, then I have no business shining shoes.”

I find Dr. Shine so inspirational, because he has the selflessness to truly care about finding the best in other people, and the courage to enter into each conversation with an open-heart.  He is a beautiful example of a real life “Day Brightener”, reminding us all about the ability we have each day, and each minute to bring light and hope to others.   I would just love to meet him!

You can find out more about Shine the book, and Dr. Hallowell at the blog:


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