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Still Life

My paintings are all about celebrating life” Margaret Olley

Unfortunately the beautiful tulips from my post “The Gift” have drooped and died.  However, while watching the process of their demise, I began to wonder if there might be a photo or painting that may deliver some of the same uplifting feeling.   Wandering the aisles of the library looking for art books, I received another gift – this time in the discovery of two amazing painters, Margaret Olley and Jill Martin.  Both of these women have an incredible ability to find inspiration in the simple and pure beauty of the world around them.  They also both have an awesome talent to capture  the light, life and splendour of flowers in their paintings, but as you will see, in two unique ways.

Margaret Olley – Red Hibiscus (1978)

I really love looking at Margaret Olley’s paintings.  They fill me with a sense of peace and security.  I can only really liken the feeling to a warm hug from a loving grandmother, or a snuggle under a doona on a rainy night.  They provide a confidence in the world, that there will always be beautiful flowers, and that “everything will be ok”.

Margaret Olley – Yellow Room with Lupins (1994)

Jill Martin’s paintings are full of liveliness and vitality, and as such are so suitably named “exuberance” and “laughter”.  If Olley’s works are like a pre-slumber snuggle, Martin’s are like the first steps outside on a bright warm morning.  They are full of excitement and enthusiasm for the day ahead. If they could speak I think they would say “there is a big wonderful world out there – go get it.”

Jill Martin – Exuberance 2

Jill Martin – Laughter

And so, while nothing can surpass the holistic sensation of fresh flowers, I have discovered that still life paintings, when done well, have a wonderful ability to bring feelings of light and peace.  My hope is that there is a painting here that brightens your day, or at the very least has inspired you to spend some more time enjoying the world of art!


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