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Life is Beautiful

This is a moment of joy! Roberto Benigni

Since I started The Day Brightener blog, I have spent many evenings reflecting on the things that bring me light, peace and hope.  For several months I have thought about the movie called ‘Life is Beautiful’, as it is a movie that has held a very dear place in my heart for over a decade.  Many times I have considered the best way of including it in this blog, but tonight, it comes as the first entry into The Day Brightener Cinema.  And truly, there is no better film I could choose to represent what The Day Brightener is all about.

First, lets look at the trailer, to get a taste of the story….

Now, lets look at one of my favourite scenes from the movie.  In this scene Roberto (as the Father) goes beyond his own fear to make sure his son feels safe, and despite the context there are many chuckles along the way.

And last, but certainly not least, I must include Roberto Benigni’s amazing Oscar acceptance speech.  Life Is Beautiful won the 1999 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, but in my view the award dwindled in significance to the honest and open hearted joy that is Roberto Benigni.  He overflows with a pure adulation of life and exudes a perfect and magical joy that brings the audience to tears.  I hope you find this movie, and this man as special as I do.


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