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Story Time

 “Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.” C.S. Lewis

I am pleased to present the next comic in the series ‘For Days Like These’.  This one is called Story Time, and is in honour of my gorgeous three year old and her insatiable appetite for stories. 

While I can’t always grant her requests for a story, when I can it truly fills me with delight.  It gives me one of those warm fuzzy feelings to know that I have the ability to share with her stories of love, hope and courage.  And just for that short time she is with me, in the moment, and I really feel like a Mum.

So, I now have the classic fairytales downloaded on my mental hard drive, ready to replay at a moment’s notice.  However, I must apologise to the Brothers Grimm, for I have taken some creative license to help my cause.  For example:

  • The Fairy Godmother now asks Cinderella to use her “good voice” to tell her what is wrong.  We wouldn’t want to hear a whiney Cinderella now, would we?
  • The Dwarves need to clean up their toys before they go to work – “Hi Ho, Hi Ho, clean up before we go.”
  • The Ugly Duckling tells the nasty cat and hen to “stop, I don’t like that” before he runs away.  And good on him for standing up for himself against those bullies! 

I hope that this comic brings a little brightness to your day!

This comic only shows a selection of the many requests for Rapunzel over the course of the day.  In case you are wondering, some other prime locations include:

  • Walking to the shops – stories are so much better than silence for a three year old;
  • In the bath – bath toys are so 2 ½ ; and believe it or not
  • On the toilet – unfortunately, yes.

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