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Sick Days

Here is the latest comic in the series “For Days Like These”.  This one is called ‘Sick Days’, and is shows the nasty and nice bits of sick days with children. 

I can only speak of my own experience, but as this comic shows, I find the nights with sick children the hardest times.  It is when the weariness, doubt and worry can seem all too hard.  It is times like these I am happy to see 3am, just knowing that the sunrise is not too far away.

While the days are hard too, they bring a new perspective, and the chance to get out in the fresh air and to talk to other people.  As a working Mum, a day home in your pj’s with daytime tv is a nice change from the usual daily grind.  The trick is surrendering to the process, and as far as possible, letting go of the other things that really don’t matter.

My heart truly goes out to those parents caring for children with chronic illnesses that mean that ‘sick nights’ are all too frequent.  I can only imagine the fatigue and despair that you must feel.  I hope that you can find something on this blog that may brighten your day a little bit.


One comment on “Sick Days

  1. Helen Shorrocks
    March 21, 2011

    Poor Belinda – please never forget I am only a few blocks away if you need me to come and help, even if it is midnight shift. I’m sure the world will survive without me for a day if I MUST go and make chocolate crackles with Clara at 2.30am. (Stop being such a Capricorn – and you know exactly what I mean girl!) Love to my fav little ones.

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