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The Last Straw

Have you ever just snapped?  This comic is about those times that small, little mole-hills turn into big, angry, emotional mountains.

You know those times, when you think you have it all together, going about your day with the calmness, patience and grace of a deer. And then, suddenly, out of nowhere a lion attacks, with a great big menacing ROAR!  All the deer (and the rest of your family can do) is run for cover.

In an instant, your tranquil facade is shattered and a churning cesspool of emotion is exposed.  Underneath the ROAR of anger is a mix of frustration, doubt, denial, regret, and disappointment (mainly in yourself).

I think sometimes there is a moment of choice between the deer and the lion (or the angel or devil in the case of the comic).  However, the strength of the deer depends on how much sleep, food and time-out it has had.  A weak deer makes for easy prey.

I wonder if the mother in the comic is strong enough today, or will she “LET HIM HAVE IT”?


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