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For Days Like These

Hello, and welcome to my comic strip – For Days Like These.

This comic strip takes a look at the lighter side of life, especially with young children.  It comprises scenes from every day life that I have found amusing, if only in retrospect.  It is in honour of all the parents out there, making it through every day. But especially for:

  • Those with many children, or children with special needs.  They truly make a superhuman effort every day.
  • Those parents on shift work.  I might make light of sleepless nights, but these wonderful people work all night, and then come home to be Mums and Dads all day as well.
  • Parents-to-be.  As a warning –  “Mumma told me there would be days like this”!

Just one thing to note before we dive in to the first comic. There are no complaints here – I do love my life as a Mum.  There are so many wonderful times.   This comic strip is a perfect way to help me honour and enjoy the tough times as well. My hope is that you enjoy these comics, and that they bring a little brightness to your day.  For some inspirational stories, music and artwork, please check out the rest of the blog.

So, with no further ado, here is the first comic – Zombie Mumma.

Zombie Mumma

The very basic definition of a zombie is:

A corpse brought to life by voodoo magic.

Well, simply, that is how I feel most days.  In my case the magic comprises a hug from my family, a bowl of porridge and some serious caffeine!

The inspiration for this one has come from my recent return to work after my second child.  As any parent knows, there can be bouts of sickness in the children that knock everyone around.  The past few weeks have been one of those times.  I have spent the nights roaming the halls, checking on, comforting, medicating and settling two beautiful little girls.  And then in the day I roam the halls of the office building, waiting for the caffeine to kick in, and wondering if I will ever get a good night’s sleep again.

Unfortunately, when you are sleep deprived, everything can seem a bit hard, and even little mole-hills can turn into big, angry, emotional mountains.  This comic is my way of finding the humour in it all, and sharing a laugh with my husband as well.

For those worried about graphic content, don’t worry.  There is no bloodshed.   While there are some days I feel I could “bite someone’s head off” there won’t be any violence from this Zombie Mumma.

Zombie Mumma by The Day Brightener

It will take more than a little magic this morning…


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