The Day Brightener

Because everyone has the right to be truly free and happy

The Flower Duet

 Here is the next wonderful addition to the Day Brightener soundtrack – The Flower Duet.  Thank you Helen for nominating this one.  Honestly, straight after downloading it, I put it on my ipod, and have lost track of how many times I have listened to it.  Helen, you are so right, you can surely count on this aria to lift the spirits.

For those not familiar with this aria, it comes from the French opera Lakmé by Delibes.  The opera is set in British India in the late 19th Century, and was first performed in 1883  – almost 130 years ago! It occurs in Act 1 when Lakmé and her servant Mallika go down to the river to gather flowers.  The composer’s heart must have been truly inspired by the scene he imagined, to give rise to a piece which is so magical.

While there are lots of videos on YouTube with the obligatory flower montages, these images are only a distraction from the pure beauty of this music.  This is one of those special pieces that I savour for those indulgent alone times, when I can turn up the volume and just let the glory overwhelm me.

In no time my heart is singing along, and my soul feels like it is flying.

My hope is that this aria also lifts your spirit to a place of peace.

Lakmé (Act I)_ Flower Duet


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