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This Is The Day

THIS IS THE DAY — Your life will surely change.
THIS IS THE DAY — When things fall into place
You may remember in my earlier post (Where Words Fail, Music Speaks),  I asked all my friends in the blogsphere to share songs that brighten their day.  My aim is to compile them into a CD – The Day Brightener Soundtrack.

Well, my wonderful friend Helen has nominated this song – ‘This Is The Day’ by The The.  I hope you enjoy it!  Just reading the reviews on the YouTube page, it seems to bring a great deal of hope to many people, just one example follows:

Why I love this song is that I listen to it simply. Its how I feel every morning, telling myself “THIS is the day”. It makes you think “EVERYDAY can be THE day”. Lifts my spirit up and encourages me to keep up my life and don’t stop what you love. From: wizardsofclay

So, thank you Helen for sharing this daybrightener with us. 

Instead of just inserting the song, I have included the link to the YouTube video, for two reasons. 

  1. Watching 80’s video clips is a wonderful excuse to reminisce, back to a time when life wasn’t necessarily more simple, but when you could at least take a walk in the park without your mobile ringing, or the worry of where it could be!
  2. You just have to love the accordion popping up all over the place.  There is nothing quite like an accordion to brighten your day!

So please, keep your daybrightener songs coming!  I will post them as I get them through.

Just in case you are interested, I have also noted down a bit of information on The The:

  • The The are an English musical and multimedia group that have been active in various forms since 1979 and have released 10 albums. 
  • This Is The Day comes from the album “Soul Mining”  which appears on the list of “1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die”.
  • Most recently, the received critical acclaim for their soundtrack to the Gerard Johnson debut feature film Tony (released Feb 2010);  
  • They have also formed ‘Radio Cineola’ which is a monthly broadcast from their official website featuring previews, chats with collaborators and previously unheard material. 
  • They have a great website – including a jukebox where you can listen to all of their albums!

3 comments on “This Is The Day

  1. Jennifer
    February 19, 2011

    To brighten your day, you cannot get any more cheery than “Walking on Sunshine” by Katrina and the Waves. From 1980s, it is a classic.

    • thedaybrightener
      February 19, 2011

      Hi Jen. Fantastic – I had forgotten about this little gem. Can’t wait to find this one!

  2. Helen
    February 22, 2011

    The flower duet from Lakme never fails to lighten the soul

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