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Once Upon A Time

Here you will find The Day Brightener in a new context – a fairy tale.  Well, a fairy tale of sorts.  There is no nasty witch or wolf to conquer, just a King who has lost his way.

This story came from a dream I had many months ago.  Like all dreams, and fairy tales as well, it is full of symbols e.g. war, a head,a mountain, morning, and a castle.  Some of these symbols are universal, while others will hold special and personal meaning for each individual. 

Unravelling the symbols in this dream helped me gain profound insights into my life, and to begin a process of transformation.  Jane Teresa Anderson was my guide on this journey.  She has an amazing gift and has some wonderful resources on her website for those wanting to explore dream alchemy.  I highly recommend her podcasts.  The link below will take you to a chapter of her book discussing some key dream symbols.

I hope as you read this story, some symbols stand out for you, and stimulate your thoughts.  There is only one theme that I would like to explicitly draw your attention to, and that is the flow and growth of inspiration that occurs throughout the story.  It begins with the King being awakened by the majesty of the deer and the beauty of the morning.  It follows with the castle spurring the creativity of the painters, poets and playwrights.  One can only imagine the inspiration that the resulting art and literature may have had, and may be continuing to bring across the lands.  The magical moment for the King began a ripple of inspiration that spread far and wide, through place and time.

It is this thought that maintains my motivation for The Day Brightener, and this blog.  Thinking, that every little story, may just start a little ripple of inspiration somewhere.  Well, that, and the cute little yellow fellow tends to grow on you!  Stay tuned for another post on ripples of inspiration titled – Turn the Painting Around.

I also hope you enjoy the song to go with this story.  I can picture this song playing as the King sits on the precipice, deep in pain and pondering his future.  I am the first to admit that it is a bit cheesy.  It can be taken as religious too, with its reference to “faith”.  In my mind though, it is the renewed faith that The Day Brightener help the King find in himself that mended a broken heart and moved mountains.  

Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale. – Hans Christian Anderson

Once upon a time v2 140211

05 What Faith Can Do


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