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The IT Guy

There was always someone in the offices that needed a day brightener….

In this story, He-He the Day Brightener meets a man who is losing himself in a negative work environment.  He-He helps reconnect the man to his passions, and provides an outlet to start taking action.

The inspiration for this story has (unfortunately) come from my own experiences.  I have seen many shameful situations where people have been treated with disdain and disrespect by their managers and peers in the workplace, damaging their sense of self-worth and confidence.  For every situation I have seen first hand, it is disturbing that I hear about several others.

I am constantly astounded and disappointed at how we can treat our workmates so badly.  People spend the majority of their time at work (5 out of 7 days each week, and 48 out of 52 weeks every year) and so it has the ability to have a huge influence over our self-image.  For this reason, you would think that workplaces should be places of inspiration and support.  Instead, many people are faced with a barrage of negativity which takes its toll on their spirit.  In an effort to fit in, and in search of external gratification, people lose touch with their true essence, and in some cases their ability to be honest, caring and compassionate.

In this story, He-He provides a simple way for the man to help him remember that there is a wonderful world outside the office, and that he is a person full of passions, gifts and grace.  The idea of setting up a blog for his photos and poems may seem so basic, and yet, as many of my fellow bloggers may attest, it provides a unique and special way to connect with your own interests and ideas.

The contrast in this story is interesting.  He-He sees offices as such fun places, full of play and adventure.  However,  for many people, their work places are dark and toxic.  I think if He-He could talk to us, I think he would ask us to help him, and to do whatever we can to bring back the sun to our workplaces.  To make sure that people can soar and shine!

This time I have also chosen a song to go along with this story.  I think that is what has been missing from my blogs – a little music!  I get the sense that the IT Guy, the man in the story, and He-He himself would like it.  You never know, maybe some of the runners in the photo may have been humming this song as they watched the dawn break.  I hope you enjoy it too!

Stay tuned – more on Day Brightener music over the coming posts.

Sun, sun, sun, here it comes!

The IT Guy – Story

Here Comes the Sun – Song


2 comments on “The IT Guy

  1. Jane Teresa
    February 2, 2011

    I love the addition of a song, and what a perfect, uplifting, heart-twanging song for the Day Brightener.

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