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A Flood of Emotion

This blog and the attached story are my tribute to the courage of the people affected by the Queensland floods, and the generosity of those helping them recover.

As many of you will be aware, we have had a shocking and devastating flood across Queensland.  It has destroyed whole towns and communities in its path, and submerged great parts of Brisbane as well.

Like so many others I was first in shock.  How could this happen, especially to a bright and bustling capital city?  Now my shock has been replaced with sadness at the lives torn apart.   Tonight thousands of families are grieving for loved ones who have been lost, for their homes, livelihoods and all of their possessions.

And in this muck and mire sits He-He The Day Brightener.  With encouragement from a friend I decided to pen the attached story – A Flood of Emotion.  This was a difficult one for me, because as I was writing it, I realised that He-He could not just empathise with the people he meets.  In this situation his own home had been lost, and he could not detach himself from the pain that this brings.  How could he bring light and hope when there was so much in heaviness in his heart?

As you will see in the story, the only solution for He-He was to take action.  And action is the miracle that we have seen across the state in the last few days.  I have seen a magnificent spirit arise – a magical power created when people come together, in the selfless service of others, with no regard for their own comfort or reward.

However there is a very special reward granted to those who have provided aid (of all types, be it prayers, donations, time, labour or equipment), and that is the inner glow that comes when you know you have done a good thing.  In the story it is the accumulation of this light that He-He can see spreading across the land.  The selfless gifts given have helped transform the power of destruction into a power of creation.

My only hope is that when the clean-up has finished, this spirit and people’s empathy, compassion and kindness will continue.  Broken hearts take longer to heal than broken houses.

With this story also comes my sincere wish that it may bring a little brightness into someone’s day, and a bit more hope into their heart. It is one more action I could take to try and help.

A Flood of Emotion


2 comments on “A Flood of Emotion

  1. Helen Shorrocks
    January 17, 2011

    Hi Belinda,
    As someone whose close friends have lost everything in this flood, I found the story lovely and it made me a little teary. After the clean up on Friday I have hidden away in my perfectly preserved house trying to forget about what has happened but we went for a drive yesterday when the roads were open and the damage is just unbelieveable.

    Also interesting that He-He has a tendency to appear as grandmother figures – is there something there?


    • thedaybrightener
      January 17, 2011

      Thank you so much Helen. I really appreciate you reading it!

      Yes, it still really upsets me to think of all of those lives upturned.

      Look forward to chatting soon.

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