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Why Yellow? The Mind, Body and Spirit Connection

It may seem obvious that He-He The Day Brightener is yellow, a colour always associated with sunshine and joy.  He was born yellow in my dream, however even if I were to create him from scratch now, I don’t think he could be any other colour. However lately I have been delving into chakras and colour therapy and I have been amazed at how He-He provides a perfect illustration of the connection between mind, body and spirit.  This little furry yellow fellow works on all three levels to bring light, hope and peace.


The colour yellow is said to have a stimulating effect on the brain.  Most interestingly it works on perceptions, and so does He-He.  Through his words and actions he helps people develop insight and awareness, and new views of themselves and their worlds.

He also helps ease sadness in people’s hearts, if only for a short while, and brings the gifts of optimism and hope.  It is no surprise that these are also qualities associated with yellow.


According to colour therapy, yellow relates to the motor nerves and provides energy for the muscles to function.  When there is a disturbance in yellow energy, paralysis results.

One of the main things that He-He tries to do with the people he meets is to get them moving – to take action.  As you will see over the stories, this action takes many forms, including talking, writing, walking, playing and building.  Many of the people He-He meets are stuck in a rut, unfortunately not dissimilar to many people we know!  The presence of He-He’s yellow energy, and his encouragement flows on to them to help remove their paralysis and spur activity.


Just like the colour he is, He-He seeks to bring laughter and humour, which are essential for the spirit.  But during the course of the story, you will see how the smiles work down deeper to warm peoples hearts.

In many of these stories, the person He-He meets has a damaged sense of self-worth.  Over time, their treatment by family, friends and work colleagues has diluted their self-confidence and sense of belonging.  He-He seeks to ignite their courage to reconnect with their true spirit and passions, and restore their sense of personal power.  Courage, power and self-worth are all positive traits of the Solar Plexus Chakra whose colour is yellow as well.

Just like the colour he is, He-He helps people awaken an enthusiasm for life that has been buried.  He does this by brightening and transforming people’s perceptions (mind), encouraging and giving courage to take action (body), and bolstering their sense of worth and power (spirit).

Even as the author of He-He’s adventures, I am in constant awe at how this precious imp works to brighten people’s day.  I hope you will enjoy reading the next instalment, with an added appreciation of the wisdom he brings to his work.

Dwelling on the colour yellow for this blog, I began to think – what are my favourite yellow things?  Here is my list:

  • The centre of white frangipanis. I find them totally enchanting.  There is just a special something about a frangi that really lightens my mood;
  • Lemons – their colour and smell is just so fresh and invigorating.  I enjoy some lemon juice in the morning to kick start my day; and
  • Rubber ducks. It would be hard to find a happier little creature.  Even just a glance at one in the bath brightens a tiring day.

I would love to hear about your favourite yellow things – what they are and how they bring brightness to your day!

Speaking of frangipanis….stay tuned for the next of He-He’s adventures!  It will be posted over the next few days.

Further information on colour therapy – yellow can be found at


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