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Monday Morning Yellows

I am pleased to present the first story in the Adventures of He-He The Day Brightener – Monday Morning Yellows.

As you will see, He-He is a very special little creature.  His joy is found in bringing light and hope to those he meets.  He does this by offering a fresh perspective – shedding some light on people’s troubles.  He creates smiles and laughs on the outside to warm people’s hearts and brighten their spirits.

In this first story, He-He meets a working mother who is grieving for lost time with her little girls.  This story was inspired by my own bus trip into work.  A mother hopped on, blowing kisses to her children out the window.  It brought a tear to my eye, thinking of the goodbye kisses I gave to my babies that same morning.

I scribbled down “blowing kisses to her children” in my notebook and was very tempted to put my headphones back in my ears, when the mother came to sit beside me.  That was when I found out that she would be missing her sons swimming carnival that day because she had to go to work.  That really pulled at my heart strings – for in a few years it is likely that this could be my situation as well.  It may not sound like much, but as a Mum, an event like this provides a unique opportunity to see your child in action, and another special moment to be proud of.

As I was writing this story, He-He found his own unique way to brighten this mothers day, and it was as simple and pure as his little heart – ask her about her children.  I know many people say they hate hearing about others children or grandchildren, or even special pets.  But have you ever stopped to notice how their faces light up when you take the time to ask, and listen?  Even a nice comment on the pictures they have on their work wall or desk can really make their day.

It is really easy to isolate ourselves – on the bus, in our work cubicle, even in our own homes.  But by taking some time to talk, asking them about their family (human or animal), connections can be made that brighten their day and yours!

I hope you enjoy reading this story as much as I enjoyed writing it – tears and all!

Stay posted – there are more instalments in the He-He adventures to come.

Monday Morning Yellows


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