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Redemption…available every day

Redemption…available every day If there is every any talk I could provide that might stir the chance for us to start anew every day….it would be this one. As Jack … Continue reading

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“Whatever one sows, that will he also reap” Galations 6:7-8 I received a lovely email from a friend the other day, wanting to know how I was going.  I had … Continue reading

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Headed for the Open Door!

by Belinda Reed Well you would never guess – as I was driving along thinking about my previous post Regret and Responsibility, the following song came on the radio.  It is … Continue reading

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Regret and Responsibility

by Belinda Reed Lately a difficult work situation has had me reflecting on the purpose and role of work in my life. While I fully appreciate that any work situation … Continue reading

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Just Keep Marching!

Here is a song from Birds of Tokyo to remind us of where we are headed.  For those days that we forget our journeys, and we get dragged down into … Continue reading

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Making Friends

Today I made friends – with my conceit and my craving.  Where before there was judgement and war, now there is just care and peace.  When my new little friends … Continue reading

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The Bright Blue Sky

I have been working on iterations of this poem for many months now.  It is inspired by the beautiful skies I see, but also by my belief that what I … Continue reading

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